About this site

About this site……. It was created so that I could share my personal recollections with others.  I simply could not believe that I was the only person with past life memory recall. There had to be other people and I had hoped that some of those other people may have known me.  Since putting up this site, I have been united with several past life old buddies.  One of which has continued to be my good friend in this life, and I have enjoyed hearing about his new life and his hopes and dreams. But to simply just list my own experiences would be rather dull, so I decided to give the opportunity to others to share their experiences. And that is why I have other sections such as the Leutnant’s Memories and Private Jamie Evans’s Memories.

These memories, all of them, to my best knowledge are all true.  They are actual
memories.  But please don’t forget that when you have five people witness a car accident that they will give you  5 different versions of the same incident.  So if you plan on using any of these memories as historical reference, be wary since most historians will get their feathers ruffled about using a non conventional resource.  I, personally, would think that historians would love this stuff since much of it may point to clues about events that have been hidden for years. I have already helped to point a few researchers in the right direction and they have come up with some interesting information. Presently, I am waiting for one historian to get some responses on the research that he is doing on one of the pilots of Jagdgeschwader I.  I am hoping that the information that I have provided to him will help him find more documented information about the pilot he is researching. Therefore, proving certain narrow minded historians wrong in their limited assumption that alternative forms of information are useless.

So sit back in your comfortable computer chair, pour yourself tea, coffee, a beer, or whatever makes you happy and enjoy reading my past life memories.  Now, just a word of caution, you may want to have the kiddies go to bed since some of my memories are for grownups only.



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