Lothar von R’s memories

This section is not going to be like the others. For the simple fact is that the person who was Lothar really has some serious blocks associated with that lifetime and has little interest in typing up his memories for me. Not to forget to mention the fact that he took a liking to opium and alcohol during that time, which has screwed up his ability to remember events of that lifetime. He has shared some events with me, but he really seemed to have hated that life. So why do I put his comments and recollections down here for you to see and read? Because his views and memories shed light onto a time of hypocracy, politics, and the attitudes of the time that are often not shown in the history books.

These remarks are not written in his hand. They are recalled from what he has told me. And if I find that I have recalled something incorrectly or if he adds something to the event being referred to, I will make corrections. I wish that he would have written these down in his own writing style since we each have our own style of writing that is unique like that of a finger print or a look in our eye. Does the individual that was Lothar look like his old self? Yes. His smile and the way he stands are the same. He also has that same look in his eye with a little twinkle of mischief, but he does not care to have his identity revealed, so we shall have to settled with a few of his recollections on how things were.


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