Techniques for Memories

Memory Techniques……..Now I am not the only person who has ideas about memory recall techniques.  There are many other valid things to try, but……I kinda center on what works for me.

Well, I guess the first question is…..”Why are you discussing memory techniques?”  The answer is simple.  I have had many people ask me how I remember and if they could remember too.  I cannot guarantee any success, but I can offer my sincerely given advice.  The following is a list of things that you should consider when investigating past life memories.

The Rittmeister’s Dicta about Past Life Memories

Not everyone will have past life memories– Souls are like people.  Some people are very old and others very young.  A new soul going through for the very first time will not have past life memories because they have never lived a life before.

Even souls that have had past lives do not remember – Generally older souls tend to remember past life experiences.  There are also other factors that may not be obviously known to keep an individual from remembering.  An example would be that a soul requested not to remember to prevent confusion in the life that they are about to proceed to live.  Another condition may be a process of evolution, and one may not have the genetic code to be able to remember.   It is my speculation that while a current generation may not recall past lives, their children and grandchildren may recall theirs.   Humanity is in a stage of flux and is going up the evolutionary scale.  If someone doesn’t remember now, don’t take this as an insult for that individual may not have wanted to be able to remember during this lifetime. – 4/06 A little update on this topic – I have encountered individuals that recall a past life where they remembered previous existences, so earlier humans have recalled past life experiences even in countries such as Bavaria where Roman Catholicism forbids such ideas.

Do not get caught up in the past.  The present life that is being lived is what the main focus of your present existence is on. – Just as we have normal memories of events from the life that we are living now in the present, it is often wise to not live in the past.  Live fully in the present, plan for the future, and reflect and learn from the past.

Clues to the past may be evident in your present day life. – For example, in my own experience I have always had a strong interest in World War I planes, knights, swords, archery, hiking through the forest, painting and drawing, Mozart, Strauss, Wagner,
waltzing, and when I am in good practice a descent marksman. I also have a very particular taste for alcohol and will not drink just anything. All of these aspects of my current life were aspects of my past lives also. Your present self is a total of your past.

You can’t force yourself to remember.  It will either come or it won’t. – You can use several techniques to encourage memory recall, but it is not a guarantee that it will work.  Trying to force yourself to remember may cause you to invent memories, which would be bad.

Some useful memory recall techniques are meditation, listening to certain kinds of music, and doing research on the time era that you feel a connection to. – When I realized from my memory flashes that I was indeed a German pilot, I began searching for pictures of pilots to see if anyone would seem familiar to me. Several pictures gave me strong emotional reactions while others did not. All of the pictures that gave the strongest reactions were people that I had been very close to, but I had not realized that at the moment.  When using this technique, you have to be very honest with yourself. Lying to yourself and building up a fantasy will only hurt you. 4/06 Update – I have observed people on various Internet posting boards who did not bear the right temperament for the people they were claiming to be.  It was to the point that myself and several others actually felt that this particular person was insane.  She was delusional. She had convinced herself that she had been these people.

When researching the possibility of being a famous person, do not rule out having been family members, friends, and business associates. – I have had a lot of people think they were me and turned out to be friends and family members.  Just because I am fascinated with Mozart doesn’t mean that I am him. And I am not.  I just knew him.

Be very skeptical and cautious and examine “memories” very carefully.  Sometimes memories can be mixed up. – I have had memories that happened in the same place but happened at two different times.  Luckily,  I wrote down the memories and noticed the discrepancies in the memories.

Write down ALL your memory flashes/dreams/visions.– This is essential for doing research, sharing with others, and just getting a basic understanding from what you have remembered.  I have reread some memories and have had the incident come back vividly and I have remembered more details.  Some memories come back for a reason and can be helpful for resolving problems in one’s present day life.  There are psychologists that use past life experiences as way of delving into patient’s present day life problems.

The human body exists on linear time.  The soul/spirit exists on nonlinear time. – If you can understand the reality of this statement, then you can begin to understand many other concepts that are foreign to scientific knowledge that is based upon strictly linear time perimeters.

Some people will compartmentalize their memories – This means that the person will refer to their past existence in the third person form as if the other lifetime experience happened to another person.  This happens when the individual feels the need separate themselves from the past events in order to  be able emotionally or mentally deal with having these others memories.  I have found it easier just to accept that I did these other lives and they are a part of the sum of me. So I refer to myself as Manfred or Johannes or even Galen.

Memories are kept in the soul/spirit. – The human brain is much like a computer. It only knows the data that is put into it. The soul/spirit is like the backup data system where all data is stored and backed up.  When we die, we have access to all the data that is stored.  The human brain has only access to what is learned in the present life and sometimes it is able to access data from the backup system (the soul/spirit).  The best analogy to this connection is that of a network cable.   4/06 update – The soul appears to be the part of our energy self that grows and stores the data and the spirit part of our energy self appears to be the original spark that God, the Universal Creator, the Great Spirit created when he made each of us. The spirit contains the most primary and essential part of our energy self.

Upon birth and during childhood the souls creates a software for the lifetime. – If you think of the body as being the hardware like in a computer, then it is only fitting that software is also used. Each lifetime unique software is created for the souls use with that body during that lifetime. That is how each of us learns to be male or female, speak different languages, grow new bonds to family members. It is during this early stage in childhood that this software is written, so one can imagine how truly important it is to be a good mother and father.  These softwares are stored within the soul and the current body brain and retains all the correct behavior for those time periods.

Are all claims of past life memories accurate? – No. There are people who are not well and live in a delusional fantasy life about being someone from the past. Professional psychologists can explain this condition better than myself, but it is something one should be aware of when starting their search into reincarnation, regression, and using public forums where Internet users can speak their minds. It can be confusing and stressful when one comes across these kind of people. The best advice is to cut off contact with them politely.  Do not allow yourself to get caught up in their fantasies.

What about memories that are contrary to one’s current behavior? – Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Social behavior that is currently unacceptable was often fine or normal in the past. Violence, sexual behavior, and other social activities such as drinking can vary in acceptability from century to century.  An example of this would be dueling.  Dueling was an acceptable form of settling disputes between private parties.   One cannot judge the actions of the past by present moral and social standards.

Christianity does not believe in reincarnation – FALSE – The oldest form of Christianity (that I am currently aware of) did have a place for reincarnation and many other higher spirituality aspects that most modern Christian ideologies do not subscribe to. This is the original form of Catholicism before the Council of Nicene. It is called Gnostic Catholicism, which means Knowing Universal. This form of Christianity taught its followers how to seek truth by actual experiencing therefore “knowing” of God’s reality. This form of Christianity did not rely on the priests for everything therefore the church did not have the power and absolute control like the Roman Catholic church had after the changes were made. I am giving you a very basic explanation, so I suggest if you want to keep your Christian faith but are frustrated by some of the misconceptions and lack of knowing truth, please check out   This website is currently under construction and is being designed to offer historical information about the oldest version of Christianity.

Environment can be important for memory recall.– The environment can affect what is recalled and all of the five senses are important.  If you are trying to induce memory recall try experiencing new settings to meditate in. I find that just experiencing life seems to bring about recall. Smell, sound, and climate can really affect my memory recall.  Go hiking through the forest, visit the beach, chop wood, tile a floor, sit next to the fireplace, or go camping and listen to the night sounds. Remember that not too long ago people spent more time outside doing things.  People did not sit around watching TV or playing around on the computer. Try a new activity that involves working with your hands or doing something physical with your body.

Good Luck & Enjoy,